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  • My pool water is cloudy and I can't clear it up. What could be causing this?
    There are 3 main causes of cloudy pool water: the environment, your filter, and chemical balances. Before treating your water for cloudiness, it's recommended that a water sample is brought in to determine the source of the cloudiness- without properly identifying the source, the trial-and-error process can be costly and time consuming.

  • Should I use a water clarifier in my pool?
    Clarifiers are best used as maintenance and best results are achieved with balanced chemistry.

  • Why is filtration important to the quality of swimming pool water?
    We consider filtration to be the most important aspect of pool maintenance. If water is adequately circulating, water is also being filtered of potentially harmful debris, and keeps water from becoming cloudy and algae to form.

  • How do I know when it's time to clean my pool filter?
    Usually, the first sign is water return to the pool tends to be sluggish and also, the pressure gauge on your filter will increase by 7-10 lbs. By cleaning cartridges in a cartridge filter, backwashing a sand filter, or cleaning the grids of a DE filter will alleviate this issue.

  • What does 'Vacuum to Waste' mean? I added algaecide to my pool, but the algae didn't go away. What did I do wrong?
    It is the process bypassing the media and allowing water and particles to exit through the waste setting. Keep in mind your water level will drop fast and is normally only done to remove dead algae from pool and system.

  • Why do I need to shock my pool?
    Shocking your pool will raise the Free Chlorine level to destroy contaminates such as algae and chloramines.

  • My pool has a very strong chlorine odor. Is there too much chlorine in my pool?
    Strong chlorine smell is actually caused by chloramines, which are a result of chlorine and ammonia. This is toxic and should be addressed a certain way to break the chlorine lock.

  • When I shock my pool, should I use chlorine or non-chlorine shock?
    There are various types and are all used for chemistry situations. A water sample will help us determine which would be best for your particular pool.

  • Do I need to add a sanitizer regularly?
    Yes. This is to kill off any bacteria and bather waste that would cause algae so ensure you're able to utilize your swimming pool with confidence and ease.

  • I have an outdoor pool and I am told that the chlorine needs to be stabilized. Why?
    Having stabilized chlorine avoids a fluctuation in levels and keeps in chemicals to maximize the effectiveness of your chlorine on a daily basis.

  • What causes the 'ring' around my pool's water line?
    The 'ring' is most commonly caused by bather waste, such as oils and lotions. By using an enzyme cleaner, you can avoid the unsightly 'ring' with minimal cost and maximum effectiveness.

  • Following chemical treatment, how long do I have to wait before I use my pool?
    Depending entirely on the type of treatment, this can vary anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours. It's always best to follow manufacturer's instructions or just call our retail store and we would be more than happy to advise you.

  • I have heard of people talking about pink algae. What is that and how do I treat for it?
    Pink algae is technically not an algae and is very resilient against sanitizers. In rainy pool season we tend to see an increase of cases. Also, failure to clean solar covers or filter media, under circulating pool water, and putting garden hose directly into the pool without running it a few minutes to release the slime present inside will help perpetuate algae cases.

  • What are enzyme based cleaners and how do they work?
    Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that speed up the process of breaking down non-organic materials such as grime caused from wind, rain, dirt, leaves, animal and human waste. An excellent clarifier, stain remover, and foam preventer are highly recommended with your sanitizer.

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