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  • Should I treat my spa water the same way as I treat my pool water?
    No, however a spa in normal use will use fewer chemicals a week than a pool on it's best day. It's always good practice to adjust in moderation.

  • My cartridge filter is dirty, and I was told to just put it in my dishwasher to clean it. Is this the best way?
    No, as this can cause premature aging and breakdown of the cartridge.

  • I just refilled my spa and I'm having problems balancing my water. The pH is low and the total alkalinity is high. What can I do to fix it?
    The pH and Alkalinity should be adjusted to correct levels to avoid scaling, corrosion, skin and eye discomfort.

  • My spa has odd-shaped white chips on the bottom after I shut it off! Where's this stuff coming from?
    White flakes are usually caused by calcium scale deposits. In rare cases it can contain white mold. Bring in a water sample so we can properly diagnose your issue and help point you in the right direction.

  • I am using a non-chlorine shock in my spa. Is it the same product for both pools and spas?
    The actual ingredients may be similar but dosage and concentration will vary.

  • My spa is foaming. Why?
    Foaming can be caused by various organic materials (lotions, cosmetics, household cleaners. High pH or TDS can also cause foam as well as over-use of algaecides. We suggest using a de-foamer and enzyme cleaner to both treat and prevent further issues.

  • My dealer offers both chlorine and bromine as sanitizers. Which should I use?
    This will always be a customer choice battle. Chlorine's major selling points are that it's less expensive and also more convenient, however bromine tends to be more stable in hot water conditions and stays longer as well. Check with us to see what option best suits your family's needs.

  • How often do I really need to shock my spa water?
    We suggest a minimum of 1-2 times weekly and always after multiple bathers have used it.

  • I have an ozonator on my hot tub. Do I need to use a sanitizer with it?
    Yes. Ozone systems needs a constant presence of chlorine or bromine to sufficiently work. Ozone is also only on when the pump is running.

  • Do I need to maintain a calcium hardness level in my spa?
    Yes. Since all spas have heaters, do be sure to adjust to balanced levels to avoid metal corrosion and etching.

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