We Have the Part You Need

Need to replace a part on your pool? We have one of the largest parts departments in the tri-state area and have just what you’re looking for in-stock. Plumbing, pumps, motors, lighting, heaters, filters, cleaners, hoses, filter cartridges: you name it, we’ve got it. Feel free to troubleshoot with one of our technicians or even drop off your cleaner for a tune-up or have your salt cell tested, checked, and cleaned all in house. 


Not a DIYer? Let our Service Technicians solve the problem. Our Service Technicians are all factory-trained by Hayward, Zodiac/Polaris, and other major pool equipment manufacturers. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us today to schedule your service call.


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Our Service is Second-to-None

We offer a wide range of services for your pool. Wind Surf and Sail Pools is a factory-authorized service center for many major pool equipment manufacturers. 

Chemical Testing

Has your pool turned cloudy? Or green? Not sure how to properly balance your chemicals? Our water lab can certainly help you with that! Open seven days a week during peak season, simply bring in a sample of your pool water and we’ll do the rest. You’ll leave knowing exactly which type and amount of chemicals are needed. 


Service Technicians

Is your heater or filter not working properly? Let our Service Technicians solve the problem! Our Service Technicians are all factory-trained by Hayward, Zodiac/Polaris, and other major pool equipment manufacturers. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our services range from replacing or re-setting Inground liners, repair or replacement of equipment such as heaters, filters, pumps, motors, robotic pool cleaners, automation systems, lighting, and salt generators, replacing media in sand filters, plumbing repairs, underground leak detection and repair, and secure cement lagging for safety covers, as well as full safety cover installations and replacements. 


Pool Openings

Start the season hassle-free by scheduling our Service Technicians to open your pool. The crew members that perform Pool Openings are the same crew members that construct our new Inground pools. Pool Opening services include: 

  • Pump water and debris from cover*
  • Remove and rinse cover
  • Installation of handrails, ladders, and return/jet covers
  • Reconnection of filtration system and equipment turn on heater where main drains are applicable 
  • Chemical treatment of spring algaecide and shock

TIP: we recommend running your filtration system for 48 hours to clean and remove any dirt or bacteria from the water that could have formed during the late autumn and early spring. After 48 hours, submerge one of our signature water testing bottles to elbow depth into pool and bring in water sample within 2 hours. This allows for the most accurate reading.

* Excessive debris removal subject to additional charge. Also, Aboveground client should be aware that excessive water removal from cover will also lower the water level of the pool.


Pool Closings

Remove the hassle and secure your investment for the season. Our Service Technicians perform the following: 

  • Lower your water level to 2” below your returns
  • Remove hand rails and ladders
  • Backwash filter where applicable, and winterization of equipment
  • Blow moisture out of plumbing lines and cap for winter
  • Chemically treat pool for winter with chlorine shock and winter algaecide
  • Secure winter or safety cover

*We recommend bringing a water sample to our Water Testing Lab a week prior to closing to ensure your chemicals are within safe range.